Kremstal, Austria
Santorini, Greece
Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Savennières, Loire Valley

Help Guide


Please take care when purchasing wine from the vintage wine room. Ensure you check the information icon on the lot so that you can determine the wines location (delivery fees apply), provenance date and bottle condition.

Bottle Size

Unless otherwise indicated, bottles listed are 750ml capacity.

Cellared Date

The date shown here is when these goods were first inspected & placed into storage.

Condition Report

As each bottle is placed into our cellars it is hand inspected and has its condition recorded in the following order:

  • Ullage
  • Label
  • Cork/Capsule

If you have any further questions please refer to our FAQ or contact us.

Our 5 star rating system works as follows

Rating Ullage Label Cork & Capsule
5 into neck perfect condition perfect condition
4 very high shoulder good condition good condition
3 high shoulder slightly damaged slightly damaged
2 mid high shoulder poor condition poor condition
1 medium shoulder badly damaged badly damaged
0 not acceptable destroyed destroyed